Online Entry

Online Entries Close for the SSA Northern States Champs August 12

Online Entries are now open for the SSA Northern States Interschools Snowsports Championships, and will close 10pm on August 12. This event includes entries into the Cross Country and Slopestyle. 

Online entries are also open for the 2019 Multiclass Interschools Snowsports Championships, an Alpine and Snowboard GS for athletes with a disability representing their school.



We highly recommend that you use Google Chrome as your web browser when registering and completing your school entries. You may experience difficulties If you do not use Google Chrome as your web browser. Click Here to download Google Chrome for Free

For help completing your entries, please read the online entry guidelines within the Interschools Handbook.

School Payment

School Payment for the SSA Northern States Interschools Championships is due by August 13. School Coordinators can download their tax invoice in the online entry system under the 'invoice' menu tab. Payment details on how to pay are detailed on the tax invoice. 

Important Information on Payment

  • Please note that our payment details have changed from last year.
  • There must be only one payment on behalf of the school entry.
  • Please make sure if you are making a direct deposit to put either the invoice number or school name into the payment information, instead of participant names.
  • The principal or the school coordinator for the school must sign the tax invoice and they then must be emailed or sent to Interschools, along with receipt of the payment.

School Volunteer Requirements

Volunteer course officials are required at Interschools events to create fair and safe courses for the competitors.

For every 8 entries that a school enters into the Interschools Championships, 1 volunteer course official must be supplied by the school. Schools must register volunteers in the online entry system where they submit the volunteer names for the school and indicate the courses and position that they are able to volunteer on.

Volunteers must be registered in the Online Entry System before entries closes.

All volunteers must complete a volunteer waiver

Online Waivers

All participants and volunteer course officials must complete an online waiver once for the season. If you are a new participant or volunteer for the SSA Northern States Championships, you must complete your waivers by August 13.

A parent/guardian or the competitor (if over 18 years of age when signing the waiver) MUST complete the Online Participant Waiver. Please make sure that you select the correct school from the dropdown list to ensure that the waivers will match up correctly with the participants and volunteers. If you are volunteering for more than one school, a volunteer waiver will need to be completed under each school.



Snowracer and SnowID

All Participants entering the Interschools Championships need have an active Snowracer SnowID. Participants who have competed before in Interschools in the last few years will already have a SnowID but you need to make sure that you have activated your Snowracer registration for 2019. You should receive an email to activate your Snowracer registration for 2019 or alternatively, log into to complete your activation. 

A SnowID allows you to enter Interschools events and track live timing during the events. You can assigned a SnowID once only, so it important to keep you information current in your Snowracer registration. 

School Coordinators will need to know your SnowID to enter you into the Online Entry System. So if you are at a new school in 2019 or are a new participant, please pass on your SnowID to your school coordinator so that they can enter you. 

How to Complete your Entries - Videos

Click on the links for video tutorials on how to complete your online entries