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Online Entries Closed

Online Entries have closed for the Travelplan Ski Northern NSW & QLD Interschools Snowsports Championships.

School Coordinators can still access the Online Entry System to view team lists, starts lists, volunteer registrations, waiver lists and the schools invoice.



Rules of Racing on Entry Changes:


Competitor Changes:

As per Rule 2.10: No changes to the names or order of competitors will be accepted after the entry closing date. Substitutions may be considered on account only on illness or injury, medical certificates may be requested. Any changes must be submitted by a School Coordinator or their delegate through the official ‘Change of Competitor Form’ by 3.00pm the day before the event. Changes are not guaranteed and are at the discretion of the NSW Interschools Committee. Changes to teams will be restricted to direct team member substitutions only. Team changes can only be made to competitors who are already entered in other disciplines at the Championships. Original race bibs must be worn when team changes have been made, except in cases when competitors were not originally entered into the discipline. If a competitor fails to race in their correct race bib after a team change, rule 2.12 will apply.

Team Managers Changes:

Team Managers changes are no longer accepted by NSW Interschools.

Snowracer and SnowID

There is one change to the Online Entry System this year involving participants Snowracer Registration and SnowID.

It is a condition of entry that all participants are registered with Snowracer (you only need to do this once…ever!!). When you have signed up for Snowracer you will be allocated a SnowID.

Only participants new to the Interschools Championships in 2018 will need to register with Snowracer to secure a SnowID.

If you competed in the last few years, you would have already registered with Snowracer either directly through the Snowracer website or as part of the NSW/ACT/QLD participant waiver form.

From 2018, Snowracer registration is no longer available through the Interschools participant waiver. Instead – all new participants to Interschools will need to register directly on the Snowracer Website.

Registration with Snowracer is free of charge and has the following benefits.

Snowracer Insurance - FREE insurance cover while competing in Australia. This insurance is for non-medical expenses to the value of $500 and covers items such as refunds for your entry fee and lift tickets, lost accommodation or car repatriation. More details regarding the policy is available here.

SnowID - Your SnowID is your unique identifier should you register for any events, make an insurance claim or upgrade your registration with Ski & Snowboard Australia.

On many Interschools courses, there is a live timing system that is available for all to see on the Snowracer website. Where an event is run using the live timing system, all competitors registered with a SnowID will appear in the results. Please note, that after an event is held, Interschools official results with all participants will be published on the Interschools website.


It is the participants (or their parents) responsibility to make sure that you have a Snowracer Registration before entering Interschools events.

If you have a Snowracer Registration, keep your contact details up to date. You can do this at any time, by logging into the Snowracer website. Your email address you used to register for Snowracer must match the email address you supply to your school coordinator.

If you are unsure of whether you have a Snowracer Registration and/or SnowID, you can use the SnowID look up.

How to Register Volunteers, Guidelines and Briefings

Volunteer Registration

School Coordinators need to submit volunteer names into the Online Entry System before the close of entries. Schools assign you to a particular course to volunteer on (eg Division 1 Male Alpine).

Most volunteers prefer to volunteer on a course that they have a child in so hat they can volunteer and watch their child compete. This works if there is a team manager and/or parent/guardian who can look after your child, or your child is experienced enough to not need your help for course inspection and their race starts. Some volunteers prefer to volunteer on a course that their child is not involved in and will volunteer on a day they aren’t competing (eg on a snowboard course when they child is in the ski events).

The earlier you register the volunteers the better, as volunteer positions get filled as there is a quota for each event discipline and you may not necessarily get your first course preference.

You can assign volunteers to the 3 roles of Start Marshall, Gate Keeper and Finish Assistant. This position is not always what you will be assigned to but it does let us know your first preference.


Volunteer Waiver

All volunteers must complete a volunteer waiver before entries close. School Coordinators can check who has completed waivers in the online entry system.


Volunteer Roster

Around the same time that the Race Schedule is released (typically 3-5 days before the event starts), the volunteer roster will also be available. Keep an eye out for it on the website. The roster will let you know what course(s) you have been assigned to, what time and location the course will be held and your volunteer role.


Course Officials Guidelines & Briefings

It is very important that Volunteers understand the various Course Officials positions undertaken at Interschools events before they volunteer. We recommend that all Volunteers read the Course Official Guidelines and/or attend a Course Official Briefing.

The course officials briefing goes through how to perform the volunteer roles and is an opportunity to ask any questions;

  • Monday July 9 - 3.30pm-4.30pm in the Interschools Race Office in the Thredbo Alpine Hotel.


If you have any queries about volunteers, please contact Wendy on 0422 240 483 or

Competitor and Team Manager Lift Tickets - Thredbo

Team Managers and Competitors 18 years are eligible for discounted lift tickets (lift ticket at the child rate) on the day of an event. Discounted Team Managers lift tickets can only be purchased on the day of the event from the Thredbo Valley Lift Ticket Office.

For Team Managers to receive a discounted lift ticket, their name must be assigned to the team/individual they are looking after when entries are completed in the online entry system. No changes or additions of team manager names will be accepted after the close of entries date.

Thredbo has increased the child age for lift tickets from 14 to 17 years. Therefore Interschools competitors can now purchase their lift tickets from any Thredbo ticket office or online via Buy Early and Save Online!

Check out for more details.

How to Complete your Entries - Videos

Click on the links for video tutorials on how to complete your online entries