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CLICK HERE for event information on the Subaru SSA Northern States Interschools Snowsports Championships, August 20-25 at Perisher.

CLICK HERE for event information on the Australian Interschools Snowsports Championships, September 4-8 at Mt Buller, including the schedule, lift ticket prices, entry fees, etc.

Online Entries Close for the SSA Northern States Champs August 12

Online Entries are now open for the SSA Northern States Interschools Snowsports Championships, and will close 10pm on August 12. This event includes entries into the Cross Country and Slopestyle. 

Online entries are also open for the 2019 Multiclass Interschools Snowsports Championships, an Alpine and Snowboard GS for athletes with a disability representing their school.



We highly recommend that you use Google Chrome as your web browser when registering and completing your school entries. You may experience difficulties If you do not use Google Chrome as your web browser. Click Here to download Google Chrome for Free

For help completing your entries, please read the online entry guidelines within the Interschools Handbook.

QLD Invites - SSA Northern States and National Invites

CLICK HERE for the QLD Invites to both the SSA Northern States Interschools Championships (August 20-25 in Perisher) and the Australian Interschools Championships (September 4-8 in Mt Buller).

As per the Interschools Rules of Racing:

  • 1.16 - In 2019, the NSW State Championships has been replaced by the SSA Northern States Championships and will now include ACT & QLD Competitors. Participation from ACT and QLD schools will be optional in 2019 and 2020. ACT and QLD schools will receive a National Invite as well as a SSA Northern States Invite from their results at the Regional Championships. ACT and QLD schools can choose to enter both events or either of the events.
  • 7.7 From the Northern NSW & QLD Championships, subject to competitive times/scores, QLD teams that place within the overall top 6 team placing’s, along with QLD individual competitors that place in the overall top 15 individuals, from all divisions and disciplines, will be eligible to race in both the SSA Northern States Championships and the Australian Interschools Championships. (subject always to the discretion of the Interschools Committee).


High Fluoro wax rule clarification

Following the ban of High Fluoro wax in Cross Country skiing events in 2016, the National Interschools Committee (NIC) and subsequently the NSW / ACT / QLD (SSA Northern) Interschools Committee together with the Victorian Interschools Committee (VISC), have adopted a rule banning applying High Fluoro and Fluorocarbon wax additives to equipment during all ski and snowboard Interschools events and locations. This includes HF wax applications such as; Powders / Liquids / Blocks and Sprays which are not to be used on the day of the race.

The contributing factors to this rule coming into place are:

Recommendation from the Ski and Snowboard Australia National Discipline Committees on:

  • National focus shifting to skill development achievements and not competition results at early stages of athlete development.
  • Reducing the cost to families of participating in snow sports in early years.
  • Desire to create a more even playing field in an entry level event such as Interschools.
  • North American and European countries shift away from High Fluoro wax at Junior levels.
  • Minimise the possible environmental and health impact of using High Fluoro wax.

Maintaining equipment by brushing and tuning edges is still an acceptable practice during Interschool events and locations.

Whilst the rule will be based on an honour system and peer group review, event organisers reserve the right to inspect or test waxing practices in the interest of fairness.

The National & State Interschools Committees have every confidence that participating schools and competitors will respect this new rule.

Interschools events now eligible for the Young Athlete Travel Subsidy

The Northern NSW & QLD Interschools Snowsports Championships and the Australian Interschools Snowsports Championships are now eligible events under the QLD Government Young Athletes Travel Subsidy.

Funding is provided retrospectively of the events and applications must be correctly submitted within six months of attending the event to be eligible. 

About the Young Athlete's Travel Subsidy

The Young Athletes Travel Subsidy aims to foster the development of young athletes and support elite athlete pathways by providing financial assistance to help alleviate the costs associated with attending championship events. The travel subsidy provides financial assistance through three event tiers and supports attendance at specific state, national and international events.


Who is eligible?

Applicants eligible to apply for support after attending the event are those who:

  • competed or officiated (as a coach, referee or scorer) at an eligible Queensland state or state school event, Australian national or national school event or international event in the past 6 months
  • have been residents of Queensland for at least 12 months preceding the event
  • were under the age of 18 at the start of the event
  • travelled a road distance of at least 250km (one-way) from their place of residence to the event location (check road distances using RACQ’s trip planner)
  • flew or travelled by rail a radial distance of at least 250km (one-way) from their place of residence to the event location (check radial distances)
  • have participation at the event confirmed by the regional/state/national coach or manager.


What funding is available?

The travel subsidy will allow up to a maximum of $1,200 in financial assistance over the three event tiers, once every two calendar years. Eligible athletes and officials can apply for one event per tier once every two calendar years.

The following travel subsidy amounts are available under the three event tiers:

  • state or state school event—$200
  • national or national school event—$400


2019 Amelia McGuiness Events

The Amelia McGuiness Australian Snowsports Development Foundation (AMASDF) was established in memory of Amelia McGuiness who tragically died in a skiing accident in 2009. In August, several fundraising events are being held to support the foundation, as well as offer an opportunity for participants to practice snow sports competition before the SSA Northern States Championships. 

All monies raised are distributed to our emerging athletes via the Amelia McGuiness Scholarship Program, applications to open in mid-September each year. This scholarship is dedicated to providing practical support (for equipment, training and resources), for up-and-coming winter snowsports athletes from the age of 10 to 18 years old, across all disciplines including Para winter athletes.  2019 marks the 10th Anniversary of Amelia’s passing and since then, the foundation has distributed $194,860 in funds to emerging athletes.


Entry is by Individual entry through the SSA portal. Entries close August 12. Late entries may be taken on the day of the event, providing the maximum quota of participants has not been reached.

2019 SSA National Snowsports Participation & Development Conference

QT Canberra, 1 London Circuit - Thursday 7th + Friday 8th November

This is the first of two major Participation initiatives for 2019.

Since mid-2018, a small development group has worked on the Conference program and objectives. We anticipate a conference attendance of between 200 to 250, with the intended audience being school Snowsports Coordinators from across Australia, and industry representatives/leaders from the Resorts, the Clubs, the SIA, the APSI, and private providers servicing the Snowsports industry in Australia. The Conference dates are structured to coincide with the new Ski & Snowboard Australia Community Sport Awards event to be held on the Thursday evening – 7th November.

The Conference Outline.

Day 1 – Thursday 7th November – ‘Framing and Developing’ Snowsports Participation – 10am to 4.00pm

  • Framing Participation: Keynotes, Panels and Workshops on Trends in Sport, Snowsports and Industry, including SportAUS, AOC, AIS, OWIA, SSA, NSWIS, Resorts, Clubs, Coaching, Training.
  • Developing Participation: Keynotes, Panels and Workshops on Snowsports Athlete Pathways - from Participation to High Performance, including OWIA, SSA, Previous Athletes, Interschools, Schools.
  • Inaugural 2019 SSA Australian Snowsports Community Awards – 6.00pm to 10pm

Day 2 – Friday 8th November – ‘Planning and Inspiring’ Snowsports Participation – 9.00am to 2.45pm

  • Planning Participation: Keynotes, Panels and Workshops on Snowsports Risk Management, Child Safe Sport Strategies, and Participation Event Rules & Guidelines, including SSA, Interschools, Schools, Resorts, Snow Sports Research Academics.
  • Inspiring Participation: Keynotes and Panel Presentations on the Athlete Pathway from School to the Olympics, through the inspirational & aspirational lens of previous and current Olympic Snowsports Athletes & Coaches.  

The Conference and Awards evening dates are confirmed. The SSA working group is currently working through the finalisation of conference presenters and facilitators, with a view to seeking NESA accreditation for conference attendees. Costings for the full 2-day Conference package, to include all Conference sessions, including lunch, morning & afternoon tea, plus attendance and dinner/drinks at the Thursday evening Ski & Snowboard Australia Community Sport Awards, are between the $350 to $450 per participant, with the final cost to be released with the initial registration papers due out to schools in early May – the beginning weeks of School Term Two.

2019 Ski & Snowboard Australia Community Sport Awards

QT Canberra, 1 London Circuit - Thursday 7th November – 6.00pm to 10.00pm

This is the second of two major Participation initiatives for 2019.

Established to compliment the Australian Ski & Snowboard Performance Awards being held in Melbourne on Wednesday May 1st, the Ski & Snowboard Australia Community Sport Awards have been established to acknowledge and recognise athletes, coaches, volunteers, clubs, schools, resorts, administrators and programs at the development and pathway level of snow sports. We anticipate a National audience of between 300 to 350 attendees.

The timing of the Community Sport Awards ties in with the end of the domestic winter season in Australia, is held outside of school holidays, and before many athletes and presenters depart for training and competitions in the Northern season. They are also being held during the 2019 National Participation Conference, also being held at the same venue in Canberra, with many attendees of the conference likely to also attend the awards.

An SSA working group will manage the development of this major initiative, with the wider Snowsports community now being consulted on the areas of the sport that should be recognised.

This event is planned to develop into an annual and very significant Awards and Celebration evening that enables us to promote and acknowledge SSA Programs and Activities at Community – Participation – Development – Pathways levels. There will also be a legacy component of this event, which will recognise previous and high-profile members of the Australian Snowsports community, in a National Snowsports Hall of Fame, a Legacy List, and enduring Life Membership.

Further details will be released mid-year.